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Painting Services

The auto body painters at Painted Automotive Parts are experts specialized in the painting service of exterior auto body parts (which also have an easy to install process). This allows us to be one of the few companies in the business that can offer such services. Nowadays, you can see bumpers, rims, hoods, spoilers and other parts painted in different color. Car enthusiasts are doing this, in order to achieve a unique appearance for their car. This is why they appreciate how easy to install our parts are, and that makes them a great fit for all customers. Your satisfaction is our utmost priority.


That is why we give you the option to choose the color of auto body parts we provide before they are delivered to you. Just choose the part you need to be painted, then the color or effect you want (metallic for example). We can offer you high quality painting services at an affordable price. Our professional team will make sure that everything is painted perfectly (no missed spots, blobs, darker or lighter areas)!


Keep in mind that if you are unsure of your own skills, you can always count on professionals to mount your part. However, the auto body parts that we offer have an easy to install process that is perfect for those of you, who prefer the DIY route.


We only use premium paints, so we can give our clients a long-lasting paint job. Please allow up to 10-15 business days for our experts to complete the painting service and the parts to be delivered to you. You will always get the best painting of auto body parts at Chicago Auto Body Parts!


We offer painting services for the following parts:

  • Bumper (Front or Rear)
  • Fender
  • Hood
  • Doors
  • Radiator Support
  • Mirror (Left or Right)


To find the exact color of your vehicle, simply tell us the Paint Code of your car. If you don't know how to find your VIN have a look at the respective section in our FAQ.


You can always contact us via our Live Chat or reach our customer service team at 630-458-0082. We will be sure to respond quickly and give you the information you need.


IMPORTANT: If your part requires 3-stage painting, that will cost $85 more. In such a case you will be personally contacted and notified.



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